Forum Thread: Where are you going? - Sept 2011 Edition

Here is the original picture used by this world:

Where are you going? - Sept 2011 Edition

We took this picture 2-3 months ago, not sure. We were on Sunset to celebrate a friend's birthday at a restaurant called Chin Chin.

Where are you going? - Sept 2011 Edition

If you've driven by that particular area in Sunset, everything looks so expensive: The shops, the eateries, the parking. When our friends told us they wanted to eat around there we were a bit hesitant. It was also hard to understand by phone the name of the restaurant. Chin Chin? lol. Must be a mistake or something.

It was a big surprise to find a huge free parking lot behind Chin Chin. All the businesses in that block share that parking space. I thought that everyone had to use valet or use metered parking. As a bonus, there is a bakery in that parking lot. Who puts a bakery at the back of a parking lot? It also wasn't much of a bakery. There were like five miniature cupcakes and random party items like birthday candles and gifts.

The restaurant itself was not overpriced like we thought. It was actually very affordable. Huge portions and menu items ranging from 10 to 20 dollars on average. The website makes their restaurant look much nicer than it actually is, the place is nice but not that nice.

The food itself was ok, but that was probably because we didn't order anything really special. Service was very good, always came by to check on things and glasses were always full. 

If you want to eat in that particular area and don't want to break the bank it's a good place to go. Lots of free parking and the prices are the same as you would find anywhere else.

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Found this on my door today:

Click for larger picture. 

I take it this is like groupons? The 1/2 off Vienna cafe in Melrose is actually not a bad deal. I've been to the cafe a couple of times and it's good. They have a huge menu: breakfast, pastas, salads, sandwiches, etc.. Prices are on the lower end too, most items are around 10-15 dollars.

The first time we went there was sometime last year late at night. We were restless so we took a walk and ended up there. Oh yeah lol, I remember now. It was the day Starcraft 2 was released! Like a huge dork that I am I had just received two copies of Starcraft 2 and the hardcover strategy guide. The strategy guide was gorgeous and I couldn't get enough of it so I took it with me to read at the cafe. While we were eating there I just flipped page after page trying to absorb as much information as possible without being too rude to my partner for almost ignoring her.

I don't remember what we had that day but because it was near closing, the waiter (imagine a tall, skinny, and very good looking hipster) started giving out bags of bread to customers! They were made fresh that day but they were going to throw them out since the day was over and he didn't want them to go to waste. I think we have pictures of this somewhere. I'll post if I can find them. Anways, we had bread for the whole week.

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